The Josh Batley Team


The Josh Batley Team is a unique  team of real estate professionals. The amalgamation of two of the most inovative Realtors in the industry has created one of the #1 teams at one of the world's most recognized real estate brokerages.


In addition to their vast knowledge of the Ottawa Market; Josh Batley and Ashley Shantz have extensive international contacts to provide you with a global reach:

  • The Global Partnership: The Josh Batley Team networks with members of the world's top real estate agents at Re/Max

 When sellers list with The Josh Batley Team, they have peace of mind knowing that information about their homes will reach a vast pool of potential buyers which extends beyond Ottawa's borders. Buyers looking to relocate within the Province of Ontario, within Canada, or internationally, can rest easy with the knowledge that Josh will refer them to the most capable Realtors in their new search areas. Contacts are everything in real estate.


Together the Josh Batley Team combines expert advice, marketing savvy, and a firm commitment to create bankable value for every client.